Sunday, August 7, 2011

Art Deco sky blue diamonds cut

Just a quick update.  The grape and sky blue rough rolled glass has now been cut, as has much of the clear waterglass.  Rough rolled glass and waterglass give privacy, but they also let in a lot of light.  They are ideal choices for this bathroom window project.  Since the texture and true color of the glass cannot be seen until the window is off the work bench and in the light, here's a preview of what I've been cutting so far.
Clear water glass, some of which has been cut.  This glass will also be used for the 8 smaller windows which will be built next, above this one.
This is shown as a deep aqua rough rolled but it actually looks more like the sky blue that I've used for the diamonds in this window. 

This is grape rough rolled, (brighter than violet) used in the design around the border.  It shows very dark in the photo, almost black.
Here's the current progress showing all of the grape rough rolled cut, some of the clear waterglass cut, and all of the sky blue diamonds.  There are many more pieces still to cut, but its very satisfying watching it all come together.

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