Thursday, August 4, 2011

Art Deco stained glass window

The day after the installation of the Octagon window (see posts below), I started working on our next project, a 17" x 35" Art Deco window for a newly renovated bathroom.  This commission also includes the eight upper 8" square windows pictured here.  Notice the wood strip which runs perpendicular outside the lower window.  My proposed design takes that into consideration.
My customer already had a good vision for the completed project so during our first visit, we hit the ground running.  These were our starting points.  First, here is the inspiration window for the eight smaller windows.
The diamonds at the center of each top row are focal points.  To allow maximum light but also privacy, we decided to replicate this window using clear waterglass and a color from the main window below it.  Here is what we came up with.  (Bear in mind that clear glass will always show as gray in the computer rendition).

Found online, here is my customer's inspiration for the lower window, a lovely Art Deco panel which fits the character of his older home. 
Since the inspiration window is square, I modified the design to accommodate the oblong space of the window to be built.  I prepared two different designs.  Here is the chosen one.  Notice that I added a bar of gray down the middle to hide that wood strip seen in the earlier photograph.  Its a functional design element. (Click on image for a closer look).
The walls of the new bathroom are a bright blue, so I will cut the accent glass diamonds in sky blue rough rolled glass.  The diamonds in the upper windows will be the same glass and color so that the windows will tie together.

My customer preferred some purple in the design, so we changed the green in the original design to a grape rough rolled.  This color will complement nicely with the light amber opal glass in the fans. The window has a wide palette whereby the family can pick up any of these colors and change the bathroom wall color or linens to match.  (We always think long term when building windows).

I've completed the pattern and will start cutting glass today.  The next posting will show the pattern making process.

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