Monday, August 1, 2011

Octagonal window installation

The best part of creating these windows is "big reveal".  Even though she had been following the building process on this blog, my customer was pleasantly surprised to finally see her window "in person".

This 27" octagon, as mentioned in earlier posts, was not a true octagon because each of its eight sides ranged from 11" to 12-1/2" in length.  Making a template for this space was essential.  Our efforts paid off.  It fits well.

My husband Eric brought along the compound radial arm saw.  He cut most of the wood on-site, to assure accuracy.  We used primed quarter-round molding which we painted a satin white in advance, to match my customer's existing moldings.
As each piece was cut, Eric brought it inside to nail after drilling pilot holes. He puttied the spaces between the wood and touched up with white paint for a flawless look.
Here is the finished window installed in a wall which separates my customer's living room from her kitchen. (Click to enlarge).
Below is the view showing how the blue in the window picks up all the blues in her kitchen.  From the living room side, the window accents the blue in her sofa and accessories.   
This is an elegant, simple and timeless design which, as I like to say, "adds character and color" to her home.  Call me .. I'd love to build one for you. 201-600-1616.

Next project:  A 17" x 35" window with almost 300 pieces of glass, and eight smaller windows above it.  Another stunner.  The glass has been ordered and the pattern making process is underway.  Check back soon to see the design and watch it being built, start to finish.

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  1. What a lovely addition to the customer's home. Loved seeing the work in progress. Thanks for sharing.