Saturday, August 20, 2011

Art Deco stained glass window foiled

I was off on a photo shoot one day this week, but returned to complete the application of 3/16 inch adhesive copper foil to the center of the edge of each of the 290 pieces in this 35" x 17" window.  (Click on photo for a closer look).

I generally use 7/32 inch foil but because so many of the pieces in this window are small, and because I want maximum light to come through, I opted for the more narrow 3/16 size.  I'm happy with the results.

For reference, the widths of copper foil, from narrow to wide are: 5/32, 3/16, 13/64, 1/4, and 5/16.  Copper foil is available in copper backed (for use on opaque glass), black backed (for use on clear or cathedral glasses when the piece will have a black patina, as this one will), and silver backed (for use on clear or cathedral glass when the piece will not be patinaed).

With every stained glass window, no matter how carefully the pattern is prepared and the pieces cut, there will always be a few pieces that don't fit exactly as they should.  The copper foil is very thin but it does add something to the size of each piece.  Even that small amount can make the pieces fit too tightly.  So I trimmed and ground down a few pieces along the way.

Notice that all the pieces are still confined inside the metal fence or "jig".  They will be free of this early this week when I apply liquid flux to the foil and then tack solder all the pieces.  The next blog update will be "the big reveal", photos of the completed window off of the work bench and in the light.  Its going to be a beauty!

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  1. Looks really good Kathy! Can't wait to see it! I got your voice mail, we recently came back from vacation I've got a lot of catching up to do. Looks like you are almost done with the bottom portion -- how long do you think it will take you for the top? -- Mark

  2. Fantastic! -- Mark