Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Art Deco window completed

Just three weeks after I prepared the pattern, the 35" x 17", 290-piece Art Deco window is complete.  Here are the final steps ..

My husband Eric measured and cut 3/8" zinc "U" channel for each side.  (I appreciate all his experience working with aircraft sheet metal).  Note that Eric put the window back in the jig to make sure that the metal frame stays close against the glass while I soldered it onto the perimeter of the piece. Shown is the back of the window, where I soldered the lead lines directly to the frame to give the window strength and stability. (Click on any photo to enlarge).
Next, it was time to clean off the flux, solder beads, and markings.  Using powdered cleanser and an old dish brush, I gently brushed clean the entire window, both sides, putting half of one side in the sink at a time, and rinsed with clean water.  Then I allowed the window to dry completely.
Next, I applied black patina to the entire window, front and back, with a metal craft brush.  Simply paint the chemical directly onto all the lead lines, let it set and then rinse off with cool water and pat dry.  I used a specialized black patina for the zinc frame, same process. 
After the window is completely dry, I waxed it with a specialized stained glass finishing compound.  Its a carnauba wax, similar to what is used on cars, only lighter.

I signed the piece earlier in the process, before I completed the copper foiling.  Its in the bottom right and barely noticeable.  Here's my etching tool, signature and date which goes on all my windows.

And here it is! (Click on image to enlarge)
This window was a joy to create!  I look forward to having my customer see it for the first time "in person".  But first I'll be creating 8 smaller windows for him, which will be installed above this one.  (Notice how close the computer rendition is to the completed window!).
The smaller windows will be created using clear waterglass and sky blue rough rolled glass diamonds, the same as was used in the just-completed window.  I'll be back soon to show these in progress.

Stained glass windows make beautiful, personal gifts for anniversaries, birthdays, and Christmas.  Give me a call, 201-600-1616 or send an email .. We do windows long distance, too.  Thanks! 

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