Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Art Deco smaller windows completed

As soon as the 290-piece Art Deco was completed (see posts below), I started working on the 8 smaller windows which we will install above it.  The smaller windows are 8" square and will be clear waterglass and sky blue rough rolled glass, both of which are used in the main window.  Here again is my customer's window.
And here's the computer-generated preview I prepared:
Here is the glass, below, which I cut horizontally so that the texture of the waterglass moves from left to right.  On the upper left is a stack of the 4 plain clear waterglass windows.  Surrounding that are 4 clear waterglass quadrants with the sky blue rough rolled diamonds for the upper windows, along with their manila folder patterns. (Click on any photo to enlarge).
After I ground the edges of each piece, I washed and rinsed them off. Then I applied 7/32 black back copper foil as seen below. The self-adhesive foil is applied dead-center to the side of each piece of glass, then pressed into place with a fid, or flat plastic wand-like tool, also shown below.

After I foiled each of the windows, I put them in an individual jig to make sure they stayed square during the soldering process.  Below, the first two windows are soldered and the second two are just foiled.  (Click on image to zoom in).
After soldering the fronts, backs, and edges of each of the 8 windows, I applied black patina, rinsed, and then waxed them.  Waxing protects the patina and brings up the shine in the glass.  (Not pictured are the four plain clear waterglass windows which will be installed below these).

Here is one of the four windows which have the sky blue diamond in the center.  The diamond is the same color and size as the ones in the larger window.  Now you can see the true beauty of the clear waterglass.  It will let in lots of light but will give privacy as well.

Depending on my customer's schedule, my husband Eric and I hope to do the installation this weekend.  These windows will be the crowning glory to their newly renovated bathroom.  The next post will show the installation, and the windows in their new home.

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