Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Art Deco window glass all cut

All of the 290 pieces of the 35" x 17" Art Deco window have now been cut.  At this stage, the window is in its "ugly duckling" phase.  Three main ingredients are still missing .. the copper foil, the solder and the most important ingredient, the light.  The colors will really pop once this panel is off the work bench and into the sun.  (Click on photo for closer look).

As for the true colors, the outer border is a medium gray, the dark-appearing line design is grape, a very rich purple.  The fans will appear a warm tan in the light, and those blue diamonds will really pop.  There are three different types of clear glass, all of which have a different texture.  It does require some imagination, but when seen in the light, it will closely resemble the computer generated preview as shown below, from the August 4th blog post.
Below is a side view of the fully cut window which shows some of the different textures of the glass. 

Notice that the window is still enclosed in the metal fence, or "jig" where it will remain until after it is tack soldered.  The next step is applying copper foil to each of the pieces of glass, one at a time, and then replacing each piece into the pattern.  As I do the copper foiling, I will often take time to trim or even re-cut pieces for a better fit.

My goal is always to create an esthetically pleasing stained glass window that is structurally sound and beautiful to see.  This one is well one its way .. Stay tuned ..

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