Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Art Deco window soldered

Well, I was going to wait until the "big reveal" but here's a sneak preview.  I tack soldered the front of the Art Deco window. This means that I applied liquid flux (a soldering agent) to all of the copper foiled lines in the window.  Then I soldered the intersections where the pieces meet each other, just enough that I was able to safely remove the jig, or metal fence around the piece, without disturbing the placement of any of the pieces.
Tack soldered window. (Click to enlarge)
I then removed the thumb tacks from the jig, thus freeing the window.  Then I carefully slid out the paper pattern from underneath.

Next, I donned my Sperian P-100 Particulate Respirator for Lead and soldered the entire front of the window as shown below.  The window is filthy at this point, covered with stray markings, sticky clear flux, and small beads of solder.  The window is resting on the homasote which is tan, so it is showing through the clear glass. The gray border and the purple line design still appear dark. (Click on photo to enlarge).

Next, my husband will cut the zinc channel framing which I will securely solder at each corner. Then I'll carefully turn the window over, and solder the entire back and secure it to the zinc frame.  Then it will be ready for cleaning, drying, patina-ing, waxing, and unveiling .. Check back soon, its almost ready for its debut.

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